Hanyang University Human Rights Center

In 2000, the “Sexual Assault Counseling Center” was launched on the basis of the 「Regulations for the prevention and treatment of sexual violence at Hanyang University」 In 2007, the Counseling Center was expanded and reorganized as the “Center for Gender Equality”. Since its inception, the Center has been a leading institution for practicing and advancing gender equality in the University community. From 2018, the Center has transformed to include a human rights dimension in its mandate and became the Human Rights Center. The Human Rights Center strives to support and enhance gender sensitivity and human rights sensitivity of all members of the University.

The Human Rights Center supports all University members to understand human dignity and equal rights for all and to practice those values in their everyday lives through following activities:

1. Human rights education and research for implementing a culture of respect for human rights

The following activities are carried out with the purpose of preventing human rights violations, discrimination, and any violent delinquency, and protecting and promoting human rights on campus by raising consciousness on human rights and gender equality as well as gender and human rights sensitivity of all members of the University.

  1. Human rights education (includes human rights violation prevention) and gender equality education (includes sexual harassment/sexual violence prevention)
  2. Development and dissemination of educational materials
  3. Research on human rights related issues

2. Support victims of human rights violation including sexual abuses

  1. Human Rights Counseling: The Center provides counseling for victims of human rights infringement including sexual harassment and abuse. Upon receipt of a complaint alleging human rights violations, the investigation process begins and an adequate procedure takes place under the official protocol. The Center also provides victims with consultation as well as psychological, legal, and medical assistance, and education for perpetrators and/or the group that the offender is a part of if needed.
  2. Regulations on the prevention and treatment of human rights violations at Hanyang University [hereafter: the Regulations] : The Center manages the Regulations which is designed to prevent human rights violations and protect victims. The Regulations is composed of: measures to prevent human rights violations including sexual abuses; procedures for handling such cases; and provisions for the protection of victims.
    • Procedures for handling cases of human rights infringement
    • Counseling (Complaint filing available at http://hrc.hanyang.ac.kr)
    • Resister a complaint
    • Investigation
    • Informal procedure (arbitration or mediation by the Center)
    • Formal procedure (the Human Rights Review Committee): the Committee conducts the deliberation on the issue and makes a decision whether to convene a Disciplinary Board to hear the case. Upon the request, the Disciplinary Board of the school/department to which the offender belongs conducts a disciplinary hearing into the allegation.
  3. Human Rights Review Committee [hereafter: the Committee]: The Committee is an official body to foster the culture of human rights in the University Community, to contribute to the prevention of human rights violations including sexual abuses, and for reviewing and deliberating on the relevant cases. If a victim/complainant wishes to resolve the grievance through the formal procedure, the case will be initially reviewed by the Center and, if judged as necessary, the formal hearing of the Committee will be convened and deliberated.
  4. General Complaint Resolution: The General Complaint refers to grievances raised by members of the University on any negligent, wrongful or unlawful act or omission of the School; inconvenience caused by illogical school system; and conflicts or disputes between members of the University. The Center handles these general complaints in accordance with relevant regulations and standards.

3. Human Rights Center Website (hrc.hanyang.ac.kr)

The Center provides relevant information and data through its website to foster human rights sensitivity and gender sensitivity of the members of the University. The visitors to the website may examine their own attitudes towards human rights and gender equality using the information from the website. The website contains information on human rights and gender equality, as well as practical measures against human rights violation and sexual violence. The members of the University can get prompt assistance with their issues by using the ‘Complaint Request’ form on the website to file their complaints. By utilizing the website, the Center endeavors to promote communication with all members of the University community.

4. Support for female students’ welfare and cultural activities

The Center performs routine maintenance of the Central Female Student Lounge located on the 3rd floor of the Student Union building. The lounge is equipped with a common room, a seminar room, a computer room, and a sleeping room. It is filled with books and magazines related to gender and/or women, and optimized for relaxation, study, and culture activities. Students can use computers for online learning, simple document editing, and researching. The sleeping room is ready for students with menstruation pain.


  • LOCATION  3F, Student Union bldg (8:30-17:30)
    * Open hours and dates may change during vacation period
  • TEL  02-2220-1444
  • EMAIL  hyrights@hanyang.ac.kr
  • WEBSITE   hrc.hanyang.ac.kr
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